I am so I am…

The Indian holy scriptures state that life is a journey towards realizing that I am I, not the body, but “I” that is beyond the ephemeral constituents and inconsistencies in the world. But often we fail to reflect this as we are caught in the vagaries of mind. Nevertheless, our country has indeed witnessed greats such as Ramana Maharishi and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who in spite of being inflicted with the malignancies of the malignant cells were ready to sacrifice their afflicted portions, as they believed that they were just the being, “I,” neither the body nor the mind. I think it would take ages for me to realize that I am so I am, as I am still in the quest to know “who am I”?

Gist: Life is a divine voyage to know the real being, the consciousness, the I.


(This post is part of the IBMC challenge: https://itsphblog.wordpress.com/ibmc/ibmc-01-phrase-a-paragraph-challenge/)

4 thoughts on “I am so I am…

  1. Welcome to IBMC! I am glad you picked it up! Would be excited to read your takes on the 10 challenges.. 🙂

    “I”, May be years down the line, It will still remain the mystery. There will be many philosophies around and with evolving we, It will always open up discussion. Nice Take. Enjoyed reading this! 🙂 The Gist is apt.

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  2. Well said!
    You know, I would pay good money to hear you expound on spirituality, philosophy and mythology. It’s a real delight to pick your brain !☺


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